Doubtful as to nuclear preparedness

LA Skyline

So I get a call from an LA friend last night who wants to talk about the inevitability of nuclear war based on news stories this week concerning troubles with Syria, Russia, and North Korea. She went on to say, and I quote, “A lot of people would get blown up in a nuclear exchange and we’d probably lose cell service.” Oh Dear Lord! Not cell service! Oh the HORROR! I could handle getting our bodies flayed in under a tenth of a second, but take away our cell service, and I cannot even imagine the barbarity! Curse you Mr. Putin and your obvious den of vile demons!

It just goes to show that we have come to be so distracted by tweets and surfing bulldogs on our nightly news that we’ve completely lost our perspective on the real nightmare a nuclear war might entail. We laugh at all those news reels from the 1950’s where children frantically duck and cover in spite of the fact a school desk would offer as much protection against nuclear bombs as a wet paper bag would against an AR-15. But all that hysteria DID create a fear proportional to the level of destruction we would have faced as a nation. I’m not sure I have the answer here, but I do know consume and cower will be equally futile in the 21st century.



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