The Age Barrier


There are times in life you catch yourself being so ridiculously cautious that all you can really do is laugh at yourself. Take this morning as I walked down an Oregon beach yards from the roaring waves of the Pacific. Everyone over the age of 50 was absolutely stopped and thwarted by two inches of water flowing off a nearby marsh that criss-crossed in a ribbon pattern twenty feet wide. My six year old self would have charged into that water without a seconds hesitation enjoying every second. So what changed so drastically in 2018 that every adult (pictured) seemed so baffled by a fifth rate obstacle? Especially since I can almost guarantee half of the people stopping to turn around probably paid hundreds of dollars to participate in a muddy Spartan race the previous summer.

So here is my pathetic list of why I chose to cross on a log further up stream:

  1. Wet shoes are sand magnets, which after drying in the car from the heater being cranked will drop to the floor in waves creating a clean up hassle.
  2. Most humans hate looking like idiots in front of their peers. There was a high slip factor on the mushy flat that could easily result in an America’s Funniest Home Videos face plant into the water. Ugh.
  3.  Older people have all been around long enough to experience the pain of at least one physical feat fail in their athletic career ending in injury. For me, I tore my calf muscle significantly the year before sprinting for a college video assignment. That month on crutches sucked, and I have no plans to repeat it in the name of pride.
  4. It’s way more fun watching our dogs wrestle each other in the water while socializing rather than sinking in quick sand.

We are unfortunately reasonable beings that really just need to take our damn shoes off and get back in the game. Sheesh.



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