Have an epic nice day.


Funny thing. When I got my Northern Lights coffee at the coffee shop this morning, the barista had written, “Have an awesome day!” on the side with a smiley face. It made me think about the original “Have a nice day” yellow grinning t-shirt from the 1970’s and why we were satisfied to have just a nice day back then versus our need today for an awesome day. Has there been nice day inflation or are we determined to package our positive experiences more powerfully now we are surrounded as a culture by daily shootings, terrorist attacks, and other potential threats. Makes me wonder.


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  1. erin
    Apr 11, 2017 @ 15:37:44

    I love the titles of your blogs! Anyway, after finding a box of photos from my youth, it was quickly evident that EVERYONE in my circle smoked cigarettes (except You!) and that we acted a lot goofier, and hence, it showed in the pictures. I liked that! I think things are worse today in some respects and better in others – but this difference is that in our youth we are more self-absorbed and our big problems are the ones that involve our immediate surroundings. As we grow, I think we take on the ones further away from us because we are concerned for others. Hey, I’ll take have a nice day from anyone! And if it’s an EPIC NICE DAY – IN ALL CAPS – I’ll take that too!


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