Chicken Feed


The day before our neighbors left to visit relatives in Seattle this week they asked if we’d look after their chickens. A big snowstorm was moving in and they needed to ensure the little gals wouldn’t freeze while they were away. As someone who’s farm history reaches back over 150 years in this country until broken from mom to me, I was interested in getting a little insight on my roots. As the alarm blared around 6:00 a.m. (late for farm work) the following morning, I was like you’ve got to be kidding me as I slowly pulled on my pants. The process involves opening the coop as the assembled ladies peck at your ankles, changing the water in the heated tin, brushing poop off the roosting shelf for use in the garden compost, and distributing cracked corn over the floor of the open end of the living area. Metal pins had to be restored to each door before the final phase could be completed lifting the roof of the side nesting area to collect the four eggs there. Apparently, as long as the two dummy eggs remain in the two nests, the five chickens will continue to lay throughout the seasons. Nothing like coming home to a fresh egg quiche to get you going in the morning, but it’s going to take a lot more work if I hope to restore my farm genes to their full potential.



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  1. erin
    Dec 07, 2016 @ 14:55:23

    Beautiful description of a chore you learned to do! Your mom would be proud!!! Can you write about doing laundry or cleaning the kitchen after a meal and make it sound this good????


    • realitycheck7
      Dec 07, 2016 @ 17:01:41

      They don’t do laundry on the farm Erin, they just jump in the ‘Ol rock skippin’ pond and shake off.


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