Wedding homey invades City Brew


As I’ve mentioned on many occasions I love to write at my local coffee shop. Sometimes I’ll  work on realistic dialogue by listening in on whatever group is sitting next to me, then type everything I hear into my laptop. It’s a great way to tap into the flow and focus of your average American dialogue. Often, an unexpected side effect is that I hear some really weird unexpected crap. Here’s today’s installment from a thirty something waiting around until 3:00 p.m. for his friend’s wedding.

“Then it hits me, that screaming sinking ship noise is way too loud for an alarm clock. Holy shit! And I’m fucking thinking, the house is on fire idiot, get your ass up!” I’m not moving, not doing shit. I keep thinking, all I was supposed to have to do today was get ice. That’s it. Fuck this, let’s go to a bar.”

Pure gold.



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