Pokeman No


So I’m in our local park last Tuesday when I notice every single person I encounter in every corner of the park is holding up their phone wide-mouthed and zombie-like staring at their screen. Not only college students and grade-schoolers now, but full on adults pushing baby carriages and even overweight working class guys with their families in tow . The central fountain was gleaming as the low lying sun hell bent for sunset, magically lit peacefully swimming ducks and geese as blue jays frolicked among the tree tops. I honestly thought there might have been some sort of terrorist attack citizens were following closely until I asked the assembled group of college students (pictured) what was going on. Of course, PokemonGo was their answer; the Cabbage Patch Kids for the summer of 2016. I considered my own fleeting addiction to video games as a college student in the 80’s but recognized we usually played after dark and these businesses were a hot spot for meeting new people and socializing. It seems inconceivable to pass on such a beautiful July evening to be obsessed by a 4 inch screen. I worry a day will come when actual nature will no longer be valued as simulated nature becomes more and more addictive.


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