A Different Light


For the first time in many years I was up before 6:00 a.m. without any clear responsibilities and fought off the desire to return to bed and doze until noon. I celebrated my victory by going for a two mile walk, first along an old steam railroad line converted into a bicycle trail, and then through local neighborhoods on the fringe of my usual daily turf. I had forgotten the quiet peace that even the most hectic high traffic areas hold when most of us slumber. All I could hear was wind and the happy chirping of birds delighted they were able to hold on to a few hours of blissful dawn before the hum of engines returned again.Perhaps the most penetrating feeling came from small, isolated houses tucked far away from our usual well worn paths. There are always clues around a silent home about the personalities of those who live there, and I wondered what kind of life inhabited each isolated parcel. When I allow myself to enter this peace, not distracted by thoughts or work tasks, I always notice little pieces of lives or buildings I have looked past in my usual rush of accomplishing nonsensical trivia.Therefore, I’ve decided to rise before the morning sun on a regular basis and embrace life for more than a passing glance.


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