Define Big City


As usual, I started my day writing in a local coffee shop listening in to people sitting around me as I typed along. Not because I’m trying to get personal information, but because I’m trying to incorporate more dialogue into my writing and understand how regular people speak. Funny thing, I never realized how many organizations choose to meet and do job interviews in coffee shops. Well, in Montana anyway. Today I heard a fellow my age give his back history as an older woman scribbled notes on a sheet of paper. His opening phrase was, “I’m originally from Billings, but after I graduated from high school I wanted to leave the big city and move to Kalispell.” Just goes to show what a big role perspective plays in how we see the world. Billings has a population of 55,000 and maybe two medium sized buildings. If you never visit New York City or Los Angeles, those places are never really real for you.


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