As money tightens, do it yourself!


As part of my quest to learn as much about Adobe Suite CC as is humanly possible over the next year, I’ve been taking time shooting video shorts to familiarize myself with Premiere. As I learn more and more about this editing program I’ve come across a few tricks that make shooting more interesting and professional. One of them involves using a “Steadicam” instead of free handing the camera which tends to produce a shaky picture. I watched some footage shot by a steadicam and couldn’t believe the difference in quality. However, when I went on Amazon to make a purchase, I found the standard issue steadicam retailed around $400. Ouch. So I decided to search DIY (do-it-yourself) video tutorials online instead and was shocked how easily I could make my own highly functional version for about $20. I still have to screw on the wood platform for the camera, but it once again it proved how overpriced specialty items have become these days. More on this later.


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