Science Floats the Bible


After visiting the Badlands area of North Dakota last weekend I drove past this massive T-Rex breaking through the side of a museum building on my way home. Being an incredible dinosaur fan since the age of five I spun the car around and decided to take a look. I quickly learned that it was a dinosaur museum alright, but one dedicated to a Biblical interpretation of prehistory. Now, since I don’t live far from a 10 commandments museum in the western part of Montana, I was more than a little curious how creationists would handle stuffing  an Apatosaur inside Noah’s arc. I also possess an undergrad degree in Anthropology, so I felt I had more than just an introduction in the field allowing me to analyze the framing of exhibits. What I found was oddly interesting. Half the time the exhibits trashed science as being unreliable bunk while using science the other half of the time (including scientific nomenclature) to make their case. Many of the examples cited well-known scientific mistakes such as the ill-fated “Nebraska Man” of the 1920’s. The problem is, is that these examples are taken from early in the development of the field when few people knew what they were talking about and there were more than a few scoundrels trying to make a name or a buck. I also don’t understand why it is so important for creationists to prove others wrong if they are so comfortable in their faith. Danish philosopher Soren Kirkegaard felt that if faith was the basis of modern Christianity, one didn’t need tangible signs of God to believe in that God. So why all the fuss?


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