When kids have lemons, parents make lemonade

IMG_20160507_135357_485 (1)

I was so thrilled to see a lemonade stand in my neighborhood last weekend that I rode my bike over right after I returned from grocery shopping. It was a bonus that the three young ladies were raising money for an African family as part of a class project to help the needy. I commended them for giving up a day of their weekend for such a good cause, and it warms the heart to see kids still keeping the tradition alive. Who doesn’t remember having a lemonade stand at least once in their life as a 6 year old? It was a wonderful lesson on good old fashioned capitalism and the value of hard work.

My one objection is that parents these days are unwilling to let kids run things and learn their own lessons as we did. Peeping through the curtains to check up on their safety is fine, but taking things over is not required. When I was a kid my sign was probably missing a letter and had a backwards “e” in there somewhere. I mixed my own lemonade under mom’s supervision, and made several hideous attempts at card table stands before I finally figured something out that worked. These parents not only built their kids’ lemonade stand (deemed far too dangerous to leave to youngsters) in my neighborhood, they stood in the background coaching their kids as I approached with my money. I did enjoy talking with dad about the charity (and photo permission), but I kind of felt taking things over denied the kids the opportunity to overcome their own discomfort. After all, my lemonade stand was an introduction to becoming independent in adult world. I feel if we protect our children from “everything” we are depriving them of these valuable life lessons we all had when we were young. So put down junior’s science project dad and let your kids be kids.


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