Candy Reflection


Snapped this photo in line at the grocery store last night as I noticed the Snickers people took a new angle off the Coke name campaign. My first reaction was how effective this must be with kids 6 to 10 as we all were a bit “Feisty” at that age, seeking membership into whatever club was available. But as someone currently in a graphic arts program, it made me realize there can be a huge difference between a graphic arts interpretation and a marketing strategy. Marketing pushes maximum sales as its measure of success, while graphic arts seeks to communicate the way an event or product may enrich our lives. I raised this question to one of my classes last evening, and discovered there hadn’t been much thought about it. If I have an objection to the environmental damage done by BP should I pass on being part of their image repair campaign even though its $3 million? For me the answer is yes, which is why I’m still driving a 2003 Toyota. We did all agree that this sort of discussion should be part of the curriculum.


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