Smelly Generational Differences


One thing I really enjoy about coffee shops is that they always have the pungent smell of coffee. You could come fresh off of doing hours of yard work to meet your friends there and nobody would notice. And after only five minutes you may be assured you will leave smelling of Kona Gold. So imagine my surprise as I’m typing away at one of the tables when I am overwhelmed by the odor of Kizzie Mae perfume. I looked up to find four elderly ladies placed nearby with streams of low grade perfume rising off their chatting carcesses. Now there are only a few things that bother me while working, but perfume saturation is my least favorite among them. It did remind me though that there are clear generational markers in play that give away what historical time period you probably grew up in. If you were entering your adult years in the 40’s or 50’s, any outing that required previous planning is considered “official” and it is written in your life contract that you must lower yourself into a vat of artificial chemicals before meeting. So glad I was born into a generation where all I have to worry about is obesity and if someone will show up blazing an A-15 assault rifle.


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