Charitably Numb


Is it me or has charitable giving gotten just downright weird. I was listening to the radio this afternoon on my way to an appointment when I heard an ad for a very successful fundraiser titled, “The Princess Ball.” This event raises money for children with cancer each year and encourages them to dress up (along with everybody else) in medieval princess garb complete with tall, colorful hats waving delicate scarves bedazzled by rhinestones. The event always gets a broad array of media coverage which probably explains why a mattress company had become one of the sponsors. What confused me was the radio ad they made to support it. They announced that if I bought a mattress from them they’d make a donation (special emphasis here), in YOUR name. You see the problem. If I’m going to make a donation to kids with cancer organization, it’s not because I get recognition for it, it’s because I want to help kids with cancer. Are there people who exist out there that seriously jump up and down about having their “name” on a donation from a corporation? I mean, there are 100 kids in the area fighting for their lives against this disease, but this is your opportunity to shine, right? If you are that hurting to appear charitable, you might want to take a closer look at your value system.

Ok, other weirdness. I’m at a state river park outside of town a couple weeks ago and right there next to the trees and fish is a homeless guy with a cardboard sign asking for money. Obviously poverty continues to be a big issue in this country as we continue fueling billionaires; but in a nature park? I have compassion for this guy, but seriously, what’s next, following me down the canned food row at Safeway with your shopping list? There are so many non-profits helping folks trying to get on their feet these days (I know, I’ve worked with them) that can’t we have a few peace zones we can all agree to detach from the societal bullshit for even a few minutes?


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  1. Kris S.
    Apr 28, 2016 @ 23:48:14

    How about when companies ask for you to give them your money so they can donate it on their behalf.


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