Do slogans care?


After living through Star Wars Christmas where action figures, commercials, posters and news stories dominated the holiday season, I finally gave in and went to see the movie. I’m not really one of those particularly loyal to story series like Twilight or Hunger Games, but I was curious as to how the original characters would be worked into the new story so tagged along with friends. What turned out to be most memorable, was the 40 minute span of commercials played before the feature. The most enduring of which was Coke’s new ad series, “Open Happiness” which involved one model down in the dumps being cheered up by another model pulling a Coke out of his stocking hat to win a smile. As I watched, I thought about the Coke board of directors congratulating themselves with high fives after they unveiled this total pile of bs to execs. It kind of made me mad that even after 70 plus years of advertising in America, slogans still presuppose the idiocy and gullibility of the American consumer. I mean, does anyone truly believe opening a Coke leads to a higher quality of life? Maybe if Coke chose to use two obese teens I might find the ad had more credibility.


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