An Ad Every Second


I remember when I saw the futuristic movie Minority Report with Tom Cruise years ago and how struck I was by the society writer Phillip K. Dick created that seemed so prophetic of our world. Every spare space in that world was littered with hologram advertisements, distractions, and news reports to the point no human mind could possibly absorb it. While holograms hanging in space still seems a long way off, I think we took one more step toward that reality in a Spokane, WA gas station recently. I was visiting for the weekend when I pulled out of traffic to fill up my tank. There, on the tiny screen that normally asked if I wanted a receipt, was playing a series of television promos showing highlight clips from The Tonight Show and some new morning show analyzing local events. I wondered if we will ever define a line for this type of thing and at what point we the consumer say, I will go out of my way to NOT buy anything pressed upon me outside of my tv time.


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