Adaptive Poverty


One of the interesting things about living in a very isolated rural area is how people adapt to their situation and needs in different ways. Now I didn’t go door-to-door with a clipboard to make a demographic determination, but I walked through what locals have identified as the “tough” part of town this morning and know this usually translates as an area with a higher level of poverty. I’ve lived in “inner city” Detroit and visited many of the “tough areas” of larger American Cities like Hartford, CT, New York City, Los Angeles, etc. so was curious about my small town. What I found was the creative adaptive nature of people when funds are stressed. There were painted murals on the sides of old garages, chimneys jerry-rigged with wire and sheet metal, and some extra concrete tossed into an old shell can with lead pipes to create a post box. I know that being rich is the ideal in this country, but I don’t think shiney sports cars and three million dollar log cabins are what made this country great. Creative minds did.


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