Picking your food good exercise in reality


One of the reasons we let out a collective sigh every time another acre of farmland falls to a bulldozer (for gated communities, etc) is because as malls rise communities become less and less attached to reality proportional to their access (or lack there of) to nature. The further I’m driven from nature the more stress and isolation I feel in my office job. Super jets and other technology are certainly amazing accomplishments in the timeline of the world, but I have yet to meet the conservative OR liberal who believes we are heading in the “right” direction culturally. As we continue to lock ourselves up with reality shows and ipads, we lose elsewhere. Enter my Saturday. I was driving along the east side of a local lake when I noticed signs for “U-Pick” cherries propped against raggedy old chairs. I pulled over and climbed out of the car to be greeted by two eager middle schoolers dictating prices per pound for two kinds of cherries. They happily provided me with an empty bucket and directions to the ripest section of the grove. Several other customers pulled up, but I was the only who chose to pick my own over the pre-packed bags in the garage. Funny thing how many of us are so deep inside our “work brain” that we cannot slow down anymore, even when it is “our” time. Picking cherries, strawberries, blueberries, or whatever you have near you is just the remedy for such non-sense. I enjoyed the air off the lake while my dog explored the cherry grove, and had a tasty treat during the drive home. I highly recommend such simplicity for those suffering from office stress as well.


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