Early Morning Trail Surprise


I decided to take my dog Barley for an early morning walk as the sun just peeked over the Rocky Mountains near the Flathead River this morning. The sky was clear and the water green as we walked the thin ribbon of earth that followed the water’s edge. We ventured about a quarter mile through the woods until I rounded a shrub lined corner to find a tall, heavily bearded homeless man straddling the trail holding a large axe. I had surprised him as his eyes were big and the axe was waving. I knew my reaction would control the situation so I thought about James Bond and showed no fear or emotion. “Good Morning” I said, “gathering some firewood?” He snapped out of the open-mouthed trance and replied, “I lost my knife, trying to look for it in the grass.” I slowly walked by and said, “If I see it on the trail, I’ll bring it back to you, Ok?” He was genuinely grateful and the scene was diffused. You can’t learn life’s big lessons in a classroom.


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