About time I made money off snow!


This weekend was 10 degrees with a high wind-chill factor and a couple of inches of snow. The snow came out of exceptionally cold artic winds from Canada which creates small, dry crystals that blow at high speeds over everything. With Black Friday this past Friday all the local businesses in town were having discounts and sales to get shoppers out into the cold. My wife and I buy local, so we decided to go downtown and just got blasted by the ice crystals.

She pointed out, “Wow, snow crystal abrasion treatment!”

I immediately pointed out that if we advertised “Snow Crystal Abrasion Treatment” in spa magazines across the country we could charge $200 an hour.  All we would have to do is wrap them in layers of warm towels and place a double caramel pumpkin spice latte in their hand before sitting them facing the wind on the roof of a local hotel. Any investors?


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