Kindly grandfathers would never be politicians


After hearing former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor immediately retired from his post after losing a state primary in Virginia I was more than a little suspicious. Turns out he bailed so he could accept a 3.4 million a year job with global investment firm Moelis and Company as an adviser. Now this kind of revolving door between industry and politicians who vote to deregulate the very industries they eventually work for is not new and certainly not restricted to Republicans.

What irks me most is the crop of self-centered, self-serving politicians that pop up right behind them ready to rake in the cash as they spend their time in office making business connections. You can just see it in their eyes as they bombard us with a mountain of questionable commercials brandishing themes thought up in board rooms. My least favorite of these are what I like to call “The Kindly Grandfather Commercial.” The kindly grandfather always talks with a soft, concerned voice that is supposed to make us feel he’s just about to reach into his pocket for a sugary treat for the grandkids. He always presents himself as an “aww-shucks folks, I’m just a regular guy that’s just tryin’ to make ends meet” and “all I really want to do is help people” person. He may even claim he met his wife in church, and when he’s not out fishin’ with his daughters, he’s helping junior with a science project. They may even claim it’s time to bring back common sense to Washington when Washington hasn’t seen common sense since the 1940’s.

Please be aware of these ploys as you watch political commercials this election season. These kind of tactics are not only offensive to human intelligence but they dumb down our expectations for actual accomplishments. If the voting public refuse to elect people using this sort of high-priced fairyland campaigning they will eventually learn to be more honest.


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    Oct 04, 2014 @ 14:45:20

    You are so on the money with this one. I love it.


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