Tale of the Redskin

As I’ve been accessing my e-mail account lately I’ve noticed that the Redskins professional football team has begun pumping advertising dollars into defending its longtime offensive mascot name. Here is some background:

Many years ago the Whiteskins conquered the Redskins before they decided they needed the Blackskins to come and work the land. The Redskins had no way to continue their way of life and were dying off, so the Whiteskins evoked the power of their big chief Jesus to place the Redskins onto reservations where they could control them and parcel out food. This seemed to alleviate the guilt of the whiteskins who smoothed over the murdering adventures of whiteskins like Custer by deifying them. But the whiteskins grew bored and needed something for the recently freed Blackskins to do if they weren’t going to challenge the whiteskin favoring economic system. Why not use the Blackskins to entertain us and overpay them so they think they are gods who are no longer subjugated by whiteskin society? Hey thought one of the whiteskins, what if we use the historically racist term Redskins for our team name thereby pretending to honor the Redskins while implicitly reminding them of their secondary, inferior status in our culture? Genius! So the whiteskins employed the Blackskins and made billions selling the likeness of the Redskins on clothing and colorful tomahawks. The whiteskins even honored the Redskins by wearing their traditional head gear with team color facepaint and everything! The Redskins were ungrateful though. While the whiteskins kept all the economic opportunity and profits the Redskins languished in poverty on their isolated reservations. They grew tired of being a symbol for the whiteskins when the whiteskins didn’t even interact with them socially, so they complained. The whiteskins were not pleased. Rather than admitting their mistake, they used all the power of their profits and control of information to make everyone think they had been the ones who were insulted. They not only honored the Redskins using they name and hired the Blackskins for their entertainment, they even used the Yellowskins to do their accounting. Didn’t all the Brownskins have equal opportunity to buy and wear the Redskins logo? How is that unfair cried the whiteskins.

Obviously I’m intending to rankle the reader a bit with this version of history, but the basis of democratic society demands we look beyond skin color and embrace our Native American, African American, Hispanic American and Asian American brothers and sisters as equals. So basically Washington, your name is racist and offensive and you should change your mascot name as soon as is humanly possible. The longer you wait, the more ignorant and insensitive you appear to be.






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