Christmas in July?


I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised anymore. In a land that invented lunch-ables and light beer pretty much anything can happen, right? Still, I guess I hope somewhere in the mix we could learn a few things and obtain a little consciousness here or there.

It was the first Monday of a sweltering July afternoon this past summer when I decided to go into my local supermarket for some soup. It’s quiet there and in the deli section you can get a cup of soup and iced tea for under four dollars ($3.88). The deli is combined with a sort of coffee shop where eight tables sit on an adobe tile area next to a small gas fireplace. Most people go there for fried chicken or ice cream but many stick around to watch the activity and chat up friends at the tables. As I entered this particular day I was surprised how high the air conditioning had been set apparently to counterbalance the heat outside. I paid for my soup and took a table by the gas fireplace. I was shocked to see flames flicking against the glass and felt heat pouring off it! So I guess this is how things work; when it’s too hot outside for us to tolerate we come inside; if it is then too cold inside we crank up the heat. What crazy times we live in.


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