My dog loves bagpipes



We’ve owned our Wheaton Terrier for a few years now and in that time we’ve learned they are an unusual breed that is intelligent with a propensity for goofiness. Leave the house for ten minutes and your Wheaton is likely to react as if you have been gone for ten years. They dance, spin, jump, smile, and sing. Ours even likes to perform what we call “crazy dog” which entails a series of elliptical circles run at top speed sometimes resulting in a loss of balance and a face plant. When they experience moments of pure joy, it is not surprising they want to share it. This spring we learned a new dimension to our dog. It was early evening and the bagpipers who meet every Monday evening at a local church a few blocks away were just warming up as we exited the front door for a walk. Barley’s little ears perked up for a moment and he began to pull at his leash like a horse on a plow lead. He was digging in and leaning forward headed straight for the sound. A few blocks later we were about ten meters from the bagpipe circle when the players turned to smile at him. We listened to two or three numbers, then he was ready to continue the walk. I guess Gaelic roots runs deep.


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