Rapidity of Life


An old blue car parked next to me at a local supermarket stopped me in my tracks as I crunched through the new snow yesterday morning. There was an assortment of crumpled clothing in the rear window with a peace sign in the corner, and a well worn bumper sticker on the lower left panel slightly obscured by dirt.  I squinted to read it, and finally made out, The Meaning of Life is to Live It. I silently agreed and thought about a conversation I had had that morning with a colleague. We talked about how much the work environment has changed in America the last twenty-five years since we first entered the work force in 1987. Some of today’s economic trends were there, but getting a job mostly meant…well… doing a job. Jobs were pretty well defined, and most days you were able to leave work by 5:00 p.m. and not deal with a massive in-pile the next morning. Now-a-days, we are all doing three jobs while constantly running from task to task in a fanatical haze. Our evenings are spent preparing materials at home and it is not unusual to find a colleague in the office on a Saturday. After considering the bumper sticker, I was struck by this thought: is freedom really free when you don’t have the time to enjoy that freedom?


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