Amazing Arizona Comic Con


Like most people in America, I was introduced to the concept of comic con by the lovable geek geniuses from The Big Bang Theory. I certainly loved comic books as a kid (especially Spiderman), but never crossed that line into wearing Spock ears to a convention or painting myself green to emulate the Hulk. Still, when visiting my mother in Phoenix last weekend and a commercial advertising the local comic con aired, I knew I had to go. I had to know what intrigued the writers of Leonard and Sheldon so completely, and also get a possible glimpse of the stars scheduled to speak from The Walking Dead  television show. I twisted the arm of my remodeler/builder brother and put the heavy sell on the watchability of the comic obsessed crowd to get him to go. He only lamented after I included a trip to Alice Cooper’s Cooperstown to indulge in The Big Unit (22 inch hot dog) after the event. When we arrived, we immediately spotted an assortment of superheroes and Star Wars characters crowding the front entry hall as I snapped some photos. Green Arrow, Captain America, and Spiderman posed for one of my cell phone frames, but after we made it inside things started to get interesting. Many of the women at this event are not only incredibly beautiful, but choose to wear such outfits as barbarian fur boots with leather bikinis and two-sided battle axes, or portray heroines in skin tight spandex and colorful capes. My brother noted after an hour of walking around interacting with artists and the crowd that the women were not only beautiful, but nerdy and smart. He leaned in close to me and said, “God damn I should have been a geek.”


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