Petpeeve Number Four


Ok, I realize that there are many mega things to worry about in our culture these days, but since I have to live in this body and experience the world right in front of me the majority of the time, it’s the little things that bug the crap out of me. So please take note: if you are in line for services at a public business such as a coffee shop, you do not need to create a personal space extending twelve feet in front of you when you are second in line. It is not the middle ages, we do not have fleas carrying the black death, and there is very little chance the customer in front of you is discussing personal information about his recent colonoscopy. Get out of your little self-centered Alice-in-wonderland daydream and move the fuck up to the legitimate second place spot.  I have pondered my response possibilities here, and I am leaning toward putting my head on your shoulder from behind and saying, “Hello, I’m Mr. Third in line, do you think we could get me closer to my imminent first cup of coffee? Thank you.”


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